Boney Kapoor's response to Rishiraj Singh's revelation that 'Sridevi's death is murder, not accidental'


MUMBAI: Actress Sridevi’s death became a topic of discussion after the revelation of Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh. In an article published in Keralakaumudi Daily, he opened up about forensic expert Dr. Umadathan’s dialog with him that Sridevi’s death might have been a murder and not an accident.

Boney Kapoor, Sridevi’s husband and Bollywood producer, has responded to this news.

“I don't want to react to such stupid stories. There is no need to react because such stupid stories keep coming. Basically, this is somebody's figment of imagination”, Kapoor said.

Sridevi was in Dubai to attend a family wedding and she was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel room. There were speculations that this was a murder and not an accidental death. However, Sridevi's post-mortem report by the UAE authorities confirmed drowning as the cause of death.

As per initial reports, heart attack was cited as the cause of death. But the forensic reports stated drowning as the cause of death. Dubai police said that the actress fell unconscious in the bathtub and drowned to death.

Rishiraj Singh IPS also pointed out certain facts Dr. Umadathan said to back his claims.

"According to him, a person will never drown in one-foot deep water, however much he drinks. He will drown only if somebody holds his both legs and sinks his head into the water," Rishiraj Singh wrote.