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Wednesday, 29 March 2023 10.05 AM IST

Snakes can be uninvited guests at your home during summer, follow these steps to keep them away


KONNI: As the summer heats up, snakes leave their burrows and venture out to human habitations in search of cool areas to maintain a stable body temperature or they'll overheat and die. Recently, snakes were seized from several houses in the eastern hilly areas of the state. During this season, it is likely that people will come across snakes near or inside their houses. The forest department has set up specially trained volunteers to report snake sightings. For this, you can download an application called Sarpa from Playstore to contact them.

Cobras mate in November, December, and January. During this time, snakes are widely seen near populated areas. The viper lays its eggs in the month of February. They will go to colder areas to lay their eggs. So it is likely that snakes could trouble your daily life during these months.

To keep snakes away

Do not pile garbage near the house. Snakes come to seek coolness in places where garbage is piled up.

Keep the house and surroundings clean. Do not store items that provide shade and coolness.

Wear things like shoes only after checking them thoroughly.

Walk with firm feet at night.

Take the snake bite victim to the hospital, as soon as possible, without scaring them.


Sarpa is an app set up by the forest department to report snake sightings. It is available on Google Play.

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