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Wednesday, 04 October 2023 7.04 PM IST

Mahabharata movie will be made in ten parts; SS Rajamouli says that it is a dream project for him


Director Rajamouli said that making Mahabharata into a film is his life's goal. Star director Rajamouli, who changed the ways of the Indian film industry with blockbuster films, spoke about his dream project during an event in Hyderabad. The film will be made in ten parts. Rajamouli also said that it would take him a year to thoroughly study all the versions of the Mahabharata available in the country for the film.

Rajamouli spoke about the possibilities of the film when he was asked at the function if he would soon fulfill his dream project of bringing the 266-episode mini-screen version of Mahabharata to the silver screen. All the films I have done so far were preliminaries of how to prepare a movie series like Mahabharata, which were to be produced under huge margins, he said. He revealed that all the films done till now taught him how to do Mahabharata.

Rajamouli also hinted at the lengthy pre-production work that has to be done before the film becomes a reality. It will take a year to thoroughly study all the versions of the Mahabharata available in the country before making the film, all of which I want to read. I want to make the film for myself in ten parts. That is my goal in life. Rajamouli clarified that every film of his is a stepping stone towards that goal.

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