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Tuesday, 26 September 2023 6.18 PM IST

As Pakistan falls


Pakistan, along with India, gained independence in 1947. It was constituted as an Islamic state. Since its formation, the country has gone through instability, several coups and several outbursts of intolerance. The fate of Pakistan, which is a barren land for democracy, is the same as that of Afghanistan, which has become a hollow, unstable, inhuman and most anti-human state in Asia. The news coming from there shows that Pakistan's political and economic sector has collapsed and the financial condition of the country is worse than that of Sri Lanka.

A land that was devoid of Indian culture was fragmented into a religious state called Pakistan after gaining independence. Pakistan started to go backwards culturally as soon as it ruling adopted an outdated religious code and its misogynist practices that did not suit the tradition and culture of the land. Pakistan's religious terrorist clergy and army will not allow democracy or secular and progressive thought to sprout on that soil. These reactionary forces will not allow that country to be civilized or develop.

Poverty has gripped Pakistan. Inflation is 40 per cent. The life of the people has become difficult as all the essentials have become so expensive. 25,000 crore rupees sanctioned by the International Monetary Fund in June 2023 has barely averted starvation. IMF and friendly countries hesitate to give more loans to a country with a foreign debt of 10 lakh crores. Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are only three and a half billion. The government is struggling to repay its foreign debt. Borrowing from an unscrupulous nation like China has plunged Pakistan further into trouble. Pakistan's situation is similar to China's repeated loans to Sri Lanka and taking control of many of the projects built on loans. Not knowing that China is looking for loopholes in Pakistan and Sri Lanka with the ultimate aim of destroying India's growth and global recognition, these countries are bowing down to China, more out of convenience than conviction.

Another tragedy that Pakistan, a religious nation, is experiencing is the rampage of religious terrorists. Its common people who are too religious and other minorities are living miserable lives among religious terrorists who are fighting each other according to the scale of religious extremism. Many religious terrorist organizations such as Mujahideen and the Taliban have made life difficult in Pakistan. Every Pakistani citizen is trying to escape from the land that has reverted to primitive times. Pakistan has become one of the most culturally degenerated countries in the world. Human trafficking mafias are exploiting common people who are trying to escape from Pakistan leaving home and country. Most of those who try to cross illegally by sea from Pakistan to democracies do not make it. Every month, hundreds of Pakistani citizens drown while trying to escape. Ordinary citizens of Pakistan are living with no means of escape while the rich and political leaders migrate or seek asylum in Western countries.

The Pakistani administration started to show a shameless leniency towards China after the United States completely abandoned Pakistan, which was once a sidekick of the United States. Cooperation with China, which has ulterior agendas, has only contributed to Pakistan's huge debt and international disrepute. With the complete abandonment of Afghanistan by the United States, the chaos of religious terrorism also spread from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Military influence over democracy and elected rulers, Islamic identity, and savage justice based on an outdated religious code all combine to make Pakistan a massive graveyard of civilisation. Pakistani citizens living in Occupied Kashmir and other provinces infiltrate to India, but Indian citizenship laws dispel such hopes.

Battered and pestered by religion, military, corrupt rulers, politicians and natural disasters, Pakistan is becoming a threat to West Asian countries. A sect of religious extremists and madmen is gaining power in Pakistan which is ruled by fanatic rulers and an aggressive army. If these lunatics get hold of this nation, which has the sixth largest number of nuclear bombs, it will be devastating not only for the Asian continent but for the entire human race. The situation in Pakistan is an issue that needs the urgent attention of the United Nations and its democratic member states. Otherwise, this nation will become a headache for the world itself.


* (Writer is former President of FOKANA and Chairman of NAMAM (USA))

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