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Tuesday, 26 September 2023 6.17 PM IST

Police couple does pre-wedding photoshoot at police station: Senior officer responds after video goes viral; video


HYDERABAD: The pre-wedding shoot at a police station by the bride and groom who are police officers had gone viral recently. The video of Ravuri Kishore and Bhavana, who are police officers in Hyderabad, is the one that went viral.
At the start of the two-minute-long video, the two are shown arriving at the station in a police car wearing official uniforms. Apart from the police station, Hyderabad's Charminar and Laad Bazaar can also be seen in the video. After this pre-wedding shoot went viral, they are getting mixed reactions. While some said that the police officers were using police property for personal purposes, others praised them.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand also came to the scene giving his reaction in the video. He wrote on his X page that he did not see anything wrong with this video, and would have definitely given consent for the shoot if it was informed earlier.

I have seen mixed reactions to this. Honestly ,they seem to be a little overexcited about their marriage and that’s great news, though a little embarrassing.Policing is a very very tough job, especially for ladies. And she finding a spouse in the department is an occasion for all of us to celebrate.The fact that it’s two police officers, I find nothing wrong in them using the police department property and symbols. If they had informed us earlier we would have definitely given consent for the shoot . Some of us may feel outraged, but I feel like meeting them and blessing them , though they didn’t invite me for their wedding . Of course, I advise others not to repeat this without proper permission. - CV Anand wrote in X.

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