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Tuesday, 05 December 2023 6.17 PM IST

CPM mulls political retaliation against ED in Karuvannur bank fraud case


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: ED is tightening the noose over the culprits involved in the Karuvannur bank fraud case. New reports emerge about the central agencies nearing the arrest of a former minister and planning more shocking revelations in the coming days. At this hour, it is necessary for the communist party to work on a proper bulwark of defense and thus CPM has decided to employ political retaliation to fight the ED intrusion.

The CPM is of the opinion that the ED move against former minister A C Moideen is a helping act made by the central agencies to create a conducive atmosphere for the BJP to thrive in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. CPM also alleged that the central government is employing different means to destroy the cooperative sector.

CPM state secretary M V Govindan reacted against the center on the ongoing ED investigation in the Karuvannur case and other issues. The CPM state secretary alleged that there is false propaganda against the Left Front government in the state. Govindan said the Center is waging a war against the people of the state by cutting short the borrowing limit of the state.

There is false propaganda against the LDF government in the state and against the chief minister, his family members, and leaders. Govindan opined that the ED inspection is seen as such to destroy the cooperative sector in the state. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself is in the field to eliminate the cooperative sector. The ED officials are trying to make it appear that there is evidence of party links in Karuvannur. The ED officials are attacking the councilors to say that they saw A C Moideen carrying money in a sack. They also threatened to disrupt the engagement function of Aravindakshan’s daughter, said Govindan.

‘There is no evidence against Moideen. However, the ED is trying to create fake evidence. The government investigated the Karuvannur case effectively. Despite conducting a comprehensive investigation, the ED is trying to prove that there is evidence.' The CPM state secretary also made a strong allegation against the central government and accused the center of harassing the state government by not paying the money.

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