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Thursday, 30 November 2023 2.39 AM IST

Accused of defaming Savarkar; Lucknow court issues notice to Rahul Gandhi


LUCKNOW: Lucknow District Sessions Court sent notice to Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi for defamation of Hindu Mahasabha leader VD Savarkar. Rahul Gandhi made remarks against Savarkar after the Bharat Jodo Yatra, held last year, entered Maharashtra. Judge Ashwini Kumar Tripathi has sent the notice on the criminal revision plea filed by advocate Nripendra Pandey.

Rahul Gandhi had made remarks like he will not apologise as he not Savarkar during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Earlier, a petition was filed in the court of Additional Judicial Magistrate regarding this case but the court dismissed the case as the required information and evidence were not provided. A notice has been sent asking for an explanation on the remarks made by Rahul. Rahul's legal team may reply to the notice. Rahul had made remarks against Savarkar on many platforms. These were mostly that Savarkar took money from the British and he was not Savarkar to apologize etc. The family members stated that these remarks were insulting to Savarkar.

Rahul Gandhi had made remarks against Savarkar after was disqualified from the post of MP in March. ''I have said many times before that democracy is under attack in the country. We see examples of it every day. Questions were asked in Parliament about the relationship between the Prime Minister and Adani. My speech in Parliament was omitted. A detailed reply was written to the Lok Sabha Speaker later. Some ministers lied about me. They say I sought help from foreign powers. I didn't do anything like that. So I will not stop asking questions. I will keep questioning the relationship between PM Modi and Adani. I am not Savarkar to apologize.'- this is what Rahul said.

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