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Sunday, 25 February 2024 3.11 AM IST

Kerala will develop, it should change its policy, Centre will stand by state: Nirmala Sitharaman


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that Kerala will have a lot of resources for its development if it changes its policy. The Union Minister also said that the Centre would stand by the state if it changes its policy. She was inaugurating the Emerging Bharat, Growing Kerala Business Conclave organized by Kerala Kaumudi.

"The policy of seeing the industrialist who is building the Vizhinjam Motherport as an enemy should be changed. Kerala will develop on its own if it recognises those who do good. Instead of criticizing the Centre and constantly complaining, the state government should cooperate with the Centre and achieve the development of the state. It should follow proper procedures. Deficiencies should be addressed. Neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor other ministers are showing any discrimination towards Kerala. The Centre does not mix politics with development. The central government always allows the state to express demands," Nirmala Sitharaman said.

Nirmala Sitharaman also explained the ways of development for Kerala

1. Vizhinjam:

Vizhinjam is the only mother port in the world located ten nautical miles from an international shipping channel. Approximately 80% of cargo shipments to India arrive through foreign ports. If it reaches Vizhinjam, it will bring huge revenue.

2. Aviation M.R.O (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul):

Most of the Gulf and Central Asia flights are from Kerala. The state will have a huge revenue potential if it opens maintenance centres for these planes. While the increase in global air service is 12%, the increase in air service in India is 20%. Currently, there are 850 flight services. It will increase to 1200 in five years. The Centre will reduce the tax for this from 18% to 5%.

3. Health Medical Tourism:

At present, there are six lakh tourists. The revenue is 600 crore dollars. It will increase to 1300 crore dollars in 2026. Kerala can gain a good share through Ayurveda.

4. Global Merchandise:

E-commerce of value-added products like coconut, rubber and spices can generate huge revenue. Center has started an Open Network for E-Commerce for this purpose.

5. Business Conference Tourism:

Thiruvananthapuram is one of the six cities selected by the Center for Global Business Tourism. The Centre will help increase business conference facilities here.

6. Fisheries:

Fish production is now 112 lakh tonnes. Kerala with a coastline of 590 km can get at least 10% of this. Kerala's Chakara brand can be used globally.

7. Kochi Shipyard:

The first indigenous aircraft carrier was built in Kochi. A second ship has been ordered. Kochi's growth as an international shipbuilding centre will increase revenue and employment. The Centre will provide help.

8. Marine MRO:

As Vizhinjam Port and Kochi Port become stronger, more ships will reach Kerala. The state will receive huge revenue if a Marine MRO is started in Kochi for the maintenance of these ships. It is a 6000 crore dollar global business.

9. Edutech:

Internal Edutech from Areekode in Malappuram has undertaken a talent boost project in Finland. They are unable to work in Kerala. A revenue of 600 crore dollars is likely to be generated this way

10. Space Industry:

India is booming in the space industry. Thiruvananthapuram is its centre. There is huge potential for start-ups to small firms. Kerala has a 10 lakh square feet incubation facility. The state can make use of the startup mission systems. Opportunities at home and abroad.

11. Information Technology:

There is huge industrial and employment potential for new information technology, including artificial intelligence. Kerala has advanced a lot.

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