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Thursday, 22 February 2024 11.12 PM IST

‘Anupama came to the farm with two of her friends, stopped coming later; she was always behind YouTube’


KOLLAM: Sheeja, an employee of Padma Kumar's farm in Chirakkara, said that when she heard the news regarding the arrest of Padma Kumar and his family, natives of Chathannoor, in the abduction of a six-year-old child in Oyoor, she could not absorb it mentally. Never thought they would do something like this. She said that she switched on the TV when heard that a blue car was seized from Tenkasi. While talking to an online media, she said that she was shocked when she saw the news.

She said the family came here after the child was abducted. When asked about the news of child abduction, they said the police had searched their vehicle. Padma Kumar's wife Anitha Kumari told me this when they brought the dogs to the farm. She told me that the police are checking all vehicles.

The couple’s daughter Anupama was also with them. She went near the dogs. Padma Kumar usually talks less. It is his wife who says everything. I have known Anupama since childhood. Was seeing her after a long time. She has become big. Padma Kumar’s wife had told me that her daughter earns a lot from YouTube. She had also said that it was blocked in between.

'Once Anupama showed the dubbing stuff. Two of her female friends used to accompany her to the farm. No one comes nowadays. Sheeja said that she is always on YouTube and with her mobile phone. Had gone to their house twice when her mother died.

Death threat to Sheeja
Meantime, Sheeja’s husband received death threats on his phone. 'Your wife said unnecessary things to the media about ‘vava annan? She will be hacked to death. Keep ready a box for her. This was the message received on Shaji’s phone.

He got the call around 6:30 pm yesterday. On the day of the arrest of Padma Kumar, Sheeja had opened the farm for the media to capture the visuals. Padma Kumar had visited the farm the next day of kidnapping the girl. The call was from a native of Chathannoor. The Paravur police have started an investigation on the complaint given by Shaji along with his phone number.

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