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Wednesday, 21 February 2024 9.29 AM IST

Central negligence: TN Prathapan's urgent motion notice sparks political debate


NEW DELHI: Congress MP TN Prathapan's urgent motion notice in the Lok Sabha against the central neglect of Kerala opened the way for a heated political debate.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan complimented Prathapan. BJP accused that the CPM-Congress nexus has come out of the shadows. At the same time, the leader of the opposition, who is from the same party, took a stand of not supporting Prathapan.

Yesterday, TN Prathapan issued an urgent motion notice demanding that the measures to suppress Kerala economically should be stopped and discussions must be held. The speaker denied permission to present it.

The Center has put Kerala in a severe economic crisis. Due allocations and financial assistance are not properly distributed. States ruled by non-BJP parties are grossly neglected. The federal system has broken down. During the 2018 floods, not only were the funds provided insufficient, but foreign aid was also cut off. Prathapan also alleged that a bill was given for the relief aid provided.

"The move is to help the CPM. The centre does not discriminate. Prathapan knows that the centre has paid all the share of the midday meal scheme and MGNREGA, yet Congress agrees with Pinarayi's position. In that case, the leadership should explain why the Kutta Vicharana Sadas is being held.'

- V Muralidharan,​

Union Minister

There is strong opposition to the Centre's reduction in tax allocation. However, we disagree with the argument that the entire financial crisis was caused by the Centre. Mismanagement in tax collection is the main cause of the financial crisis. Finance Minister's wife had to raise slogans in front of the secretariat for DA dues.

- VD Satheesan,​

Leader of the Opposition

TN Prathapan's action of issuing a notice of urgent motion against central neglect is commendable. If they decide to correct their mistake so far, it is welcome.

- Pinarayi Vijayan,

Chief Minister

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