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Saturday, 15 June 2024 4.38 PM IST

Govt to impose penalty with 18% interest; penalty for not using kitchen bin


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Govt with last resort to streamline source waste management. Those who use the kitchen bin for planting and other purposes will now be in trouble. The government directed the local bodies to recover the cost of the bin with 18 percent interest. Action will be taken if it is found that the kitchen bin has not been used continuously for three months after purchase. Those who do not use the bin will be treated as people who dump waste in public spaces.

Kitchen bins were made available at subsidized rates through local bodies as part of source waste management, but it was found that most of the people turned their backs on it and the government action is becasue of that.

Each local body buys kitchen bins from an approved agency and provides it to each household at 10 percent subsidy rate. Each local body buys the bin at a different rate. Thiruvananthapuram Corporation is currently buying kitchen bins at a rate of Rs.1553. It is given to households for Rs.153. If the bin is not used for three months, the cost of the bin which is Rs 1,553 will have to paid back with 18% interest. Those who bought a kitchen bin by paying Rs 153 will have to pay a fine of Rs 1832.54 if they do not use it.

Problem is inoculum, solution is Harita Karmasena

Lack of inoculum (mixture that composts waste in the kitchen bin) is the main reason most people who buy kitchen bins for their homes and offices use them for other purposes. Bin providers do not provide inoculum on time. Efforts to provide inoculum through krishi bhavans on ward basis did not bear fruit. It is in this situation that the government is trying to provide inoculum through Harita Karmasena, which reaches homes on time to collect non-organic waste. It will be effective only if the local bodies allocate funds in time and purchase the inoculum and hand it over to Harita Karmasena.

Instructions to local bodies

  • Once the kitchen bin is installed, it should be evaluated once a week for the first month.
  • Once in two weeks for second month
  • Once a month from the third month
  • It is the duty of the enforcement officer to ensure the operation
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