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Wednesday, 24 April 2024 8.47 AM IST

China expresses willingness to mediate talks between Iran and Pakistan; Paksitan hits back at Iran


TEHRAN: In the wake of the recent clashes between Iran and Pakistan, China has expressed its willingness to mediate between the two nations. As everyone is likely to get affected wherever and however the possibility of war arises, nations, including India, are monitoring the tension between Iran and Pakistan with caution.

As Iran and Pakistan attacked each other, China expressed its willingness to mediate between the two nations. Chinese Foreign Affairs Spokesperson said in Beijing that both nations should maintain restraint and avoid escalating conflict.

In reply to Iran's missile attack by violating the airspace of Pakistan on Tuesday, Pakistan on Wednesday conducted airstrikes killing nine people in Iran. According to Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Pakistan Air Force struck seven terrorist bases in the Balochistan region of Sistan, Iran, including those of the Balochistan Liberation Front and the Balochistan Liberation Army, killing a number of the terrorists. The Pak operation was named Marg Bar Sarmachar (Death to Guerrilla Fighters).

Following this, Iran issued a warning asking Pakistan not to resort to actions that escalate the conflict. Iranian foreign ministry summoned the top Pakistani diplomat and sought an emergency explanation. Pakistan Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar and Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani returned to Pakistan after cutting short their foreign visit.

Three people were killed in the missile attack carried out by Iran on the bases of Jaish ul-Adl in Pakistan's Balochistan on Tuesday. Following this, Pakistan recalled its ambassador to Iran and prohibited the Iranian ambassador, who went to Iran, from returning to the country.

Carried out attacks in three countries within 48 hours
Iran has a style of attacking the enemy in any country. Iran carried out missile attacks on Syria, Iraq and Pakistan within 48 hours citing terrorism as the reason. According to Iran, ISIS was behind the bombing in the Iranian city of Kerman that killed 84 people. It also accused Israeli spy agency Mossad of killing Iranian commander Seyed Raza Mousavi in ​​Syria last month. Iran had carried out attacks against Mossad in Iraq and an ISIS base in Syria on Monday.

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