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Friday, 23 February 2024 2.19 AM IST

Bharat Mata college students spearhead millet revolution for sustainable living


KOCHI: Thrikkakara Bharat Mata College's second-year social work students are set to showcase their successful millet cultivation at the upcoming Bharathiyon National Conference. The initiative, begun in early November, spans the college premises and neighboring areas, aiming to provide livelihood opportunities for local housewives.

This crop, comprising millet, horseradish, and manila, covers an impressive one and a half cents and is now ready for harvest. The students plan to extend agricultural efforts to nearby colonies and villages, seeking collaboration with the Department of Agriculture for support.

Unlike previous crop cycles that concluded after academic needs were met, millet cultivation is gaining traction due to its nutritional benefits. Rich in micronutrients like iron, calcium and phosphorus, millets contribute to a healthy lifestyle, aiding in blood sugar control and weight management.

Pramila, a transwoman from Thiruvananthapuram, collaborated with the social work department to teach millet cultivation to 30 students. Using a sustainable approach with goat dung, cake as manure, daily watering and a three-month growth cycle, Pramila's success story serves as an inspiration.

The initiative not only supports local communities but also emphasizes the advantages of millet farming – requiring minimal land and cost. In college, the cultivation cost for one and a half cents of millet was just Rs 4,000.

Dr. Sheena Rajan Philip, Head of the Department, expressed wholehearted support for the students' initiative, while Riham Haider Ali, a student involved in the project, shares her pride in its unexpected success.

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