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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 9.27 PM IST

Rapid human-to-human spread and resistant to drugs; new disease causing concern after Covid


Covid was a pandemic that brought the world to a standstill and claimed the lives of lakhs of people. The COVID-19 disease was cured after the discovery of vaccines. Yet diseases with COVID-19 symptoms are still active. Now, after the Covid epidemic, reports are coming out that a fungal disease is spreading.

Candida auris infection is spreading in America. The symptoms of this fungal infection, which spreads rapidly from person to person, are varied. The first case was reported in America on January 10. Later, three more cases were reported.

People with low immune systems are most affected by this disease. Fungal infection can occur in different parts of the body.

Infection can occur in the ear, open wounds, or in the bloodstream. People have different symptoms. In some people, the fungus can be found on the skin and other parts of the body without any disease. This fungus can also spread to others. Infection can spread through surfaces touched by patients and materials used. Isolation is mandatory for infected persons. The patient should be moved to a sterile area.

Candida auris was first reported in Japan in 2009. This fungus can become resistant to antifungal drugs. Fungal infection was reported in England in 2016. The researchers also say that the fungus cannot be prevented by medication.

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