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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 11.06 PM IST

CPM is against foreign universities: MV Govindan 


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM state secretary MV Govindan said in a press conference that the budget did not say that the foreign universities be implemented tomorrow but only that their possibilities will be examined. He also stated that CPM was against foreign universities then and now.

The party and the government are not the same, and the government cannot implement party positions and decisions at the same rate. This is not a place where a socialist revolution took place. Universities are something that the central government has included in the new education policy. As a government, Kerala cannot stand aside without taking a stand on this matter. All other states have started such universities. Kerala did not decide to copy the steps taken by the Centre. That is why it was mentioned in the budget that it will be checked. Talks will be held with anyone with whom it can be discussed with. The loopholes are being checked.

Integrity and transparency in public education will be maintained. However, it does not mean that the foreign university will be accepted tomorrow. CPI has not raised any objection in this regard. At the same time, we cannot accept the position that foreign universities cannot be accepted in any way. Kerala already has private investment in the education sector. So private investment is not a problem.

When asked whether recognition from PB is needed in the case of foreign universities, Govindan responded that PB should not be kept in the role of counter-hero. All CPM slogans cannot be implemented by the Left Democratic Front and the government. It was not achieved in 1957 itself and that is the limitation. The correction that Kerala is some other republic, a socialist government and a communist government is not needed. Kerala is part of Narendra Modi's system of government that protects the interests of monopoly capitalism and imperialist finance capital. Let there be an open discussion on what position the government can take within the limits.

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