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Friday, 12 April 2024 4.01 PM IST

There should be permanent solution for wild animal attack, says Alna and Sona


WAYANAD: Three people have lost their lives in wild animal attacks in Wayanad in seventeen days. The deceased are Tholppetty native Lakshmanan, Padamala Panachi native Ajeesh and VP Paul, a temporary watcher at Kuruva Island. The words spoken by the children of two of them shocked Kerala. They were heart-touching words coming out of pain. Two tragedies happened at a distance of four kilometres. It was also shocking that watcher VP Paul was killed by the wild elephant on the nearby Kurua Island while Alna, the daughter of Ajeesh, was talking to Kerala Kaumudi.

Alna's words

About father?

My father was a person who used to come forward whenever there were any problems in the locality. Wild animal attack is severe here. Wild elephants should stay in the forest. They need not come out of the forest. The government should make arrangements for that. My younger brother and I have lost our dad. Who is there for mommy? No one should have our experience again. No one should cry like how I did. The government should make a system for it.

What about the financial assistance announced by the government?

What is the use of providing money after a person loses life? My father will never come back. How many people will the government provide financial assistance like this? If that is the case, the government will only have time to provide financial assistance. How many families are crying like me in Wayanad? There should be a permanent solution.

Did you know that the wild elephant had arrived in the locality?
My brother and I were at the church for mass. While returning from church, I saw a person being taken away in a jeep. I did not think it was my father. My father...

There was negligence in Wayanad Medical College: Sona Paul

Was there negligence on the part of the Medical College in the death of your father?
Of course. My father died because of the negligence on the part of the Wayanad Medical College. Wasn't he an employee of the forest department? Still, they did not give him enough care. I want to see the postmortem report. I will go to any extent for justice. I also met the fate of Alna, the daughter of Ajichettan (Ajeesh) who was killed by a wild elephant in Panachi.

Financial assistance?
We are a poor family. We need adequate compensation. The government should give at least fifty lakh rupees. My mother needs a job. I want to study. We have a lot of debt. It should be written off. I also want to say what Alna said. No one should have this experience again. Arrangements should be put in place on a war footing basis to deal with wildlife nuisance.

Future plans?
We will do what is necessary in consultation with those who love us. Wayanad Medical College does not even have the facility of a taluk hospital. It should be resolved. No one should die like how my father died.

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