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Saturday, 25 May 2024 12.33 AM IST

Beef instead of chicken, 70kg fish, fruit salad; Big changes in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo food menu


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It is dog days in Thiruvananthapuram. The heat has gone beyond the threshold level with people still unable to fathom how to sustain the day hours. The suffering is the same for animals too. However, there is solace for wild animals in the forest, as they are shielded by the green lushes of the jungle and the fast-flowing streams also help in beating the heat. But, it is not the case with animals caged in our zoo. They are equally wearied like the humans who are just meters away on the road.

The authorities have thus made arrangements to reduce the severity of the summer heat at the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo. This is also being introduced fearing the health disease that may affect the wild animals due to the severe heat.

As of now, the tiger and leopard are bathed in the shower. Both the leopards in the large cage have a water spray system. They will have a shower between 11 am and 3 pm.

The cages of rhinoceros and Nilgiri bulls are also equipped with a water sprinkling system. A pond filled with mud and water is also ready in sambar deer’s territory. Apart from this, fans are also installed in all the cages. Anacondas and King Cobra will have no trouble facing the heat as they have the luxury of Air-conditioned cages. All other snake cages are also equipped with a fan.

The bears are given ice cubes to eat in the morning and the evening. The female Himalayan bear named 'Dimapur' and the male Himalayan bear named 'Kohima' are given more ice than others. Dimapur is getting special attention because she is pregnant.

Watermelon and grapes are placed in buckets and then filled with water and frozen in the freezer. In the afternoon when it gets hot, water is sprayed on its body. Bears need about 6.5 kg of watermelon a day.

Chicken has been removed from the menu of meat-eating animals. Instead, buffalo and beef are served. 100 kg of meat a day is given to various carnivores. Besides this, the quantity of fish has also been increased. 70 kg of fish will be bought daily. Lions, tigers and tigers require an average of four to five kilos of meat a day.

Both caged and outdoor birds are fed more vegetables along with fruits. The birds are also given 'fruit salad' consisting of cabbage, carrot, pulses, papaya, grape, apple and orange. Apart from this, vitamin medicines are also added to the food.

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