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Monday, 15 April 2024 1.27 AM IST

Wife's office calls intercepted; Youth earns more than 16 crore rupees


WASHINGTON: A young man earned two million dollars (more than Rs. 16 crore) by eavesdropping on his wife's office calls while she was working at home. The incident took place in Texas, USA. The woman works for the international oil and gas company BP. The accused Taylor Loudon leaked the conversations the woman had with her colleagues, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Taylor's wife was working as a manager at BP. BP was in the process of buying a company called Travel Centers of America. Taylor's wife was in charge of the deal. He bought shares of Travel Centers of America for months after eavesdropping on his wife's confidential conversations. Meanwhile, in February last year, he bought Travel Centers of America at a premium of 74 percent. Taylor made a profit of $1.76 million when BP announced it was taking over, but his wife was unaware of the transactions Taylor had made.

Taylor later confessed to his wife about his dealings. Later, the woman left the relationship and filed for divorce. The US Securities and Exchange Commission said that the woman also lost her job after informing the company about her husband's dealings. Taylor has said that he will return the money earned through the transaction and pay the fine. But BP has not responded to this.

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