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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 7.18 PM IST

Postal department dismisses accused postal assistants involved in High Court driver's murder


KOCHI: In the case of the thrashing to death of High Court driver PB Vinod, a native of Ernakulam Mullashery, the postal department has dismissed all four accused, who are postal assistants and natives of North India. The reason was that Vinod questioned about throwing a chappal at his dog. The action of the Chief Postmaster General is against Ashwani Golkar (27), Kushal Gupta (27) from Uttar Pradesh, Utkarsh (25) from Rajasthan, and Gohana Deepak (26) from Haryana.

Yesterday morning, the jail authorities handed over the order to the accused who are in remand in Viyur Jail. They started working six months ago. Probation had not been completed. Ashwini Golkar was working at Kadavantra Post Office and others at Ernakulam Regional Post Office.

After the arrest, the accused were suspended by the postal department. The Ernakulam Central Police have charged murder charges against the accused after the death of Vinod, who was the victim of cruelty. The FIR has also been revised. A copy of this was also handed over to the postal department.

"Jack...see what him," Vinod's wife Sindhu cried heart-wrenchingly talking to their dog Jack. Jack looked at his master’s body inside the freezer. Front legs up and face on the freezer. Growled. Then laid near the freezer in which Vinod’s body was kept.

Vinod nurtured this German Shepherd and the reason for Vinod’s death was the issue started by the accused throwing a chappal at the dog. He was taken by the North Indians and was beaten to death. High Court Judge's Driver, P.B. Vinod (53) from Thottungal Parambil Veedu, Canal Road, Mullashery, Ernakulam died yesterday.

Jack was shifted to a neighbour’s house who is depressed since Vinod was in the hospital. Vinod’s brother’s son Akshay brought Jack home just before funeral rites started.

Jack was the favourite of Vinod, a dog lover. Jack was called "Mone." On March 13, Jack's 3rd birthday party was celebrated.

Justices Satheesh Nainan, C.S. Sudha, Shobha Annamma Eapan, C.S. Dias, Muhammed Niyaz and his colleagues paid their last respects during public homage at Ram Mohan Palace, High Court. He was buried in the Ravipuram crematorium at five in the evening. Vinod was the driver of Justice Satheesh Nainan.

Irritated by barking without stopping on the way, the accused threw a chappal at Jack. Vinod questioned this. He was beaten up and strangled to death. The incident took place on the 25th night. Unconscious Vinod was taken to Medical Trust Hospital. He died in the intensive care unit on Monday morning. Charges of murder against the accused in remand.

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