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Monday, 20 May 2024 6.58 PM IST

All-time record for power consumption in state; KSEB with regulations to be followed between 6 pm to 12 pm


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The power consumption in the state again reached an all-time record. The total power consumed the other day was 108.22 million units. 5364-megawatt electricity was required from 6 pm to 11 pm the other day.

Power was highly consumed on April 3. The consumption of power was above 100 million units in the last one week. The KSEB's direction is that the consumers should restrict power consumption keeping in mind the specific situation of the state.

Meantime, two days ago, the KSEB issued directions to the public through social media regarding power control in the evenings. ‘There is a widespread complaint that there are frequent power outages in some parts of the state from 6 pm to 12 pm. The high usage of AC due to heat and high charging of electric vehicles during night time has significantly affected the power distribution system. The present situation is that the load of transmission distribution transformers increases after 7 pm. Due to the high consumption of electricity, the load on the line increases and the fuse blows and the voltage drops significantly.

The daily power consumption in the state has been above 10 crore units for two weeks. An all-time record of 10.77 crore units in electricity consumption was recorded the other day. The fact is that the demand for electricity, which defies all expectations and calculations, has affected our transmission distribution network.

The peak load requirement earlier was between 6 pm and 10 pm, but now it is around 12 pm. KSEB can ensure uninterrupted power supply if consumers cooperate. In the present scenario, the use of AC during night hours cannot be avoided. However, the temperature can be maintained at 25 degrees Celsius or above. Doing this is not only healthy for the body but also saves a lot of electricity.

If you put your mind to it, many activities that can be done during the day can be avoided between 6 pm and 11pm. Washing clothes, ironing and use of pump sets can be avoided during this time. Use of AC can be restricted to essential rooms only. Turn off lights not necessary. Automatic water filling system can be avoided and water can be pumped during the day. Cooking with electricity can also be avoided during this time as much as possible.

Let's not forget the fact that most of the electricity we use at night comes from coal plants. At this time, it is our social and environmental responsibility to minimize the use of electricity generated by creating environmental pollution. Customers are requested to know the present adverse situation and cooperate,’ KSEB mentioned in the post.

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