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Thursday, 20 June 2024 2.39 PM IST

Siddharth's death: CBI team to interrogate witnesses at hostel today


WAYANAD: CBI will visit the hostel today to investigate the death of Pookode Veterinary College student Siddharth. The CBI has directed those who first saw Siddharth dead to be present there. The instruction is to reach the college at nine o'clock in the morning. A scientific examination will be conducted in the bathroom where the body was found. It is reported that the entire investigation team, including the forensic team, will reach Pookode College today.

It has also been decided to transfer the case to the CBI court in Kochi. The CBI, which filed the FIR in the case, had recorded the statement of Siddharth's family the other day. The family had responded that Siddharth's case was a murder. CBI concluded that matters including this will be clarified with the scientific examination.

The anti-ragging squad's report containing crucial information regarding Siddharth's death was released earlier. It is said in the report that Siddharth was also punished for signing inside the college.

A classmate revealed that for eight months before his death, the youth went to the college union president Arun's room and signed. The classmate also said that Siddharth was given the same punishment like an accused going to the police station to sign. Arun is the accused student in connection with Siddharth's death.

According to the report, the accused committed the attack out of jealousy because Siddharth was a popular student in the college. The final report also states that a girl was with Siddharth when the accused beat him up on the hill near the hostel. But there is no evidence or testimony to prove this. Hence, it has been handed over to the police for further investigation.

On February 18, Siddharth was found hanging in the bathroom of the hostel room. It has also been found that on the day of the incident, the students of the hostel went to Batheri and Kalpatta to watch the movie before noon. Among this group are those who are on the list of accused. An investigation is also underway to see if there is a conspiracy behind going to see the movie.

The statements of 166 students of the college were taken by the anti-ragging squad in connection with the incident. Meanwhile, the absence of the security guard of the college to give a statement and the chef of the hostel quitting his job after beating up Siddharth are adding to the doubts. All the 20 accused who have been arrested so far in connection with Siddharth's death are in remand.

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