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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 2.19 PM IST

Built two bungalows, but 78-year-old Appachan is not ready to give up his small tea shop


KOCHI: Appachan (78) achieved all he has today through his seven-decade-long hard work at this tarpaulin-covered tea shop. At the age of 78, he still makes and sells tea daily at his little tea shop next to his three-storey house next to the Kandathipparambu temple in Kumbalangi.

Augustin aka Appachan was studying in Class 2 when he first arrived at the tea shop to help his father. He took over the shop when he was just 10 years old. He worked hard without even donning a shirt and went on to achieve success in life. Even though he lives contentedly with his children in-laws and grandchildren, Appachan isn't ready to part with his tiny tea shop.

Appachan, his wife Mary, and their three children lived in this tea shop for several years. His children Sheeja, Sheejan and Nixon used to assist him. Mary and Appachan walked into their dreams by saving money.

Sheeja is a housewife. Son Sheejan owns a collection agency. Nixon is in the Oman Navy. Appachan and his children worked hard to raise two bungalows near the tea shop. Appachan first bought 3 cents of land near the tea shop in 1988. He built his first house there. Years later, he bought the land near that house and built his second house there.

In the past, Appachan's tea shop used to get busy as early as 4.30 am. Now, he opens the tea shop at 6 a.m. By that time, people would have arrived waiting for him. Puttu and vellayappam are served for breakfast in the morning. There will be chicken curry, vegetable curry and egg curry. There is no lunch in the afternoon. In the evenings, tea is served with snacks like vada and pazhampori. Appachan's unique style of making tea is very famous. People will look at it with curiosity. Former Union Minister K.V. Thomas was a regular visitor to this shop.

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