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Friday, 24 May 2024 9.10 AM IST

Chose death to gain extraterrestrial life before Earth perished in flood; final conclusion regarding death of Malayalis in Arunachal Pradesh 


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Deputy Commissioner Nidhinraj said that the investigation into the mysterious death of Malayalis in Arunachal Pradesh has reached its final conclusion. All three chose death in order to attain extraterrestrial life before the Earth was destroyed in the flood.
DCP informed that it was Naveen who led his wife Devi and friend Arya to the strange path. Naveen turned to the strange faith in 2014. The investigating officer clarified that the decision to die was also his.

They decided to die in Arunachal Pradesh, thinking that if they died in the highlands, they would be reborn soon. The DCP added that no one else was involved in their death or this kind of strange belief.

Arya B Nair (29), a native of Vattiyoorkavu, went missing on March 27. She was a teacher. Arya's marriage was about to take place. After she went missing, her relatives filed a complaint with the police. The police got the information that Devi and her husband were missing when they registered a case and started an investigation. The relatives were told that Naveen and Devi were going on an excursion. So the relatives had no doubt.

During the investigation related to Arya's disappearance, it was found that the three had left the Thiruvananthapuram airport together in an Indigo flight. All three went to Arunachal on March 27. They stayed in a hotel in Ziro, 100 km away from Itanagar. When they were not seen outside, the hotel staff became suspicious and went to investigate. That's when they were found dead. A suicide note was also found which read 'Lived happily, now leaving'.

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