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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 1.23 PM IST

Biker on footboard of lorry after accident; bike dragged by lorry spreading sparks; video going viral


HYDERABAD: A man's journey hanging from the lorry that caused the accident for kilometres. The incident happened in Hyderabad. The incident came to light through a video shared by Ravikumar on the social media platform X. Ravikumar shared the video and tagged Hyderabad Police. The police have also responded to the incident.

According to the police, the lorry was going without stopping after causing the accident. It is not clear who is driving the lorry or who is the youth hanging from the footboard of the lorry. It is indicated that the driver of the lorry was speeding away to escape from the locals who rushed in after the accident. At the same time, the bike that was involved in the accident fell under the lorry and was rubbing on the road and spreading sparks. Still, the driver was not ready to stop the lorry for a long time. The incident took place at an intersection on the Hayat Nagar route in Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, there was also an incident in Hyderabad where a used car seller and his friends set fire to a Lamborghini car. The seller had asked one of the car owner's friends to deliver the car. On April 13, when the car reached a place outside the city, the accused and his friends who were waiting there poured petrol on the car and set it on fire. The accused said that he poured petrol on the car and set it on fire because the owner of the car owed him money. Following this, the car owner and his friend lodged a complaint with the police. The police informed that the investigation in the case is in progress.

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