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Thursday, 23 May 2024 12.05 PM IST

More than two lakh cases registered in Kerala; fast action on cases


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: More than two lakh complaints have been registered in Kerala regarding violation of the code of conduct related to Lok Sabha elections. This was informed by the Election Commission. These are the cases registered from March 16 to April 20 through the C-Vigil app prepared by the commission. Chief Electoral Officer Sanjay Kaul said that 2,09,661 complaints have been received through the app so far and action has been taken in 2,06,152 cases.

While 1,83,842 complaints were received regarding unauthorized posters and banners, there were 10,999 complaints regarding defacement of property. 4446 complaints were received regarding posters not recording mandatory information and 296 complaints regarding unauthorized use of vehicles. C Vigil also received complaints regarding the distribution of money (19), distribution of liquor (52), giving of gifts (36), display of weapons (150), hate speech (39), and use of speaker after the time limit (23).

65 complaints were received against campaigning during prohibited times and three complaints against paid news. 3083 complaints were rejected as there were no facts in the complaints. The Chief Electoral Officer informed that public complaints regarding violations of code of conduct can be sent through the C-Vigil (Citizens Vigil) application. He said that immediate action would be taken on complaints sent through the app.

The public can file complaints on the C-Vigil application. The complainant's identity will be kept confidential. Only pictures taken directly at the place where the violation took place can be sent through the app. It is not possible to send images that have been clicked and forwarded by others. This is to avoid false complaints. The restriction has been imposed to avoid people from sending pictures that have been forwarded on WhatsApp and other social media apps without knowing if it is a violation of the rules.

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