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Friday, 24 May 2024 7.23 PM IST

'Made Suni do the crime, does Dileep think God will protect him, our lives are in danger'


KOCHI: T B Mini, the lawyer of the survivor in the actor assault case, disclosed some things in an interview given to an online media. She said Dileep has committed a mistake in the assault case and that she has the evidence for it. Pulsar Suni attacked the actress and it was Dileep who made him do it. Mini said Dileep, who has made a mistake is doing many mistakes to cover it up.

Mini revealed some things while answering the anchor's question whether the eighth accused in the case has any tension. Mini also said that since she got involved in this case, she has been receiving death threats.

The lawyer's response comes in the wake of actor Dileep's plea against the single bench's order to provide the actress the copy of the testimony of the investigation into the illegal examination of the memory card containing the footage.

Mini's words...
"We do not know whether the eighth accused is involved in tampering with the memory card containing the visuals in the case. We have not raised any allegations. What interest he has in this. Is it a criminal who has to save the court. The judiciary does not require the help of a criminal. When saying that is seeking the help of that criminal, there is already a shadow of doubt. Why is Dileep so interested in court matters? He can look after his affairs. Nothing was said about him. Nothing has been said against him in connection with the memory card.

A lot of threat letters are being received. Gave some to the police and asked them to investigate. Another thing bigger than that is the threat of blackmagic by the accused. People in the places where they do it call us and tell us about it. They will say they are doing it out of helplessness. It's their job.

Dileep, who made one mistake, is continuoulsy making mistakes. Even when there are minor cyber-attacks, women get frustrated. Then we should worship her for the fight she his into. She was in trauma for five years. It was after that the survivor gave an interview. When I saw her the other day, she was very happy. We also wanted that.

They should understand one thing. If you have done something wrong, you will be punished no matter how much you try to hide it. They are terrible believers. Dileep goes to many temples. What does Dileep think that if he makes a mistake, God will protect him. I honestly believe that Dileep has committed the mistake. I have proofs for it. Suni has done it. I also have proofs for Dileep making Suni do the crime.

We can forgive a person if a crime was committed towards a woman out of sexual interest, but this guy entrusted someone to commit the crime. The act was filmed and thought of selling it. Or else did it to threaten her. Our lives are in danger and are living out of fear. When the trial proceedings were going on, there was a situation where the people of the accused beat up the public prosecutor,' said the advocate.

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