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Saturday, 20 July 2024 4.08 AM IST

EP Jayarajan gets emotional at CPM Secretariat meeting


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM leader EP Jayarajan got emotional and said that the things that are being spread against him now are untrue after criticism was raised against him in the CPM State Secretariat meeting over his meeting with BJP leader Prakash Javadekar.

According to Jayarajan, the controversy erupted as part of the conspiracy carried out by some people to trap him and the party. The aim of these people was to attack the Left Front. He said that he only intended to bring clarity to the controversy on the day of the election. He said that although he had a friendship with broker Nandakumar in the past, he later discontinued his friendship after realising that it might lead him to trouble. Jayarajan also said that he had no connections with Prakash Javadekar and that he did not talk about political matters with him when he met him. Jayarajan also sought the party's permission to take legal action in the matter.

Taking Jayarajan's explanation at face value, the party decided not to take action against him. It directed him to end the relationship with Nandakumar and file a case against those who were spreading lies against him.

EP Jayarajan later told the media that the current controversies are part of a conspiracy against him and the party has become aware of this.

"I haven't seen BJP leader Sobha Surendran. I will take legal action on the allegation that I held talks to join the BJP. The controversies were created by the media. These are not allegations. This is fraud. I'm not the kind of person who can be finished by the media. Fake news was spread about me. There is politics in this," Jayarajan said.

Will raise CPI's stand in LDF meeting
CPI State Secretary Beinoy Viswam said that it is up to the CPM to decide its right and wrong, and CPI's stand on the matter will be raised in the LDF meeting. He also said that is mandatory to keep the brokers at bay. He said that it is the common stance of the Left parties to be cautious on such issues.

Held three meetings with Jayarajan: Sobha
BJP vice president Sobha Surendran said that she had held three meetings with LDF convener EP Jayarajan. She was responding to Jayarajan's statement that he had not held talks with her.

"Minister K Radhakrishnan was also there at Ramanilayam when I met EP Jayarajan there. The minister came there for some other matter. After greeting the minister, I met EP Jayarajan and Nandakumar in another room. The logbook of that day and the CCTV footage should be examined. Why is EP Jayarajan not denouncing Nandakumar even when Pinarayi Vijayan and MV Govindan are calling Nandakumar a sinner and thief?" Sobha Surendran said.

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