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Thursday, 20 June 2024 10.31 AM IST

'Seemed like a doll initially, a pool of blood was found while getting closer'


At first glance, Jithin thought it was a doll in the form of a baby. Suddenly, he stopped the car and when he got out, he saw a pool of blood. Even the umbilical cord was not cut and the baby's dead body.

Those were the words of Jithin Kumar, a native of Peerumedu and a car driver who first encountered the body of a newborn baby thrown down from a flat into an alley in Panambilli Nagar.

Jithin, a contract driver for the Shipyard's Marine Engineering College, was on his way to pick up students from the hostel.

This road was one and a half kilometers away from the main road. It must have been 8:20 in the morning.

The child was wrapped in an Amazon parcel envelope, but the envelope and the child were lying separately next to each other. Jithin realized that the baby had not been born long ago. He was afraid it might be crushed by other vehicles. He then called the security guard at Shanthi Nilayam flat. After that, he informed the police emergency number 112. Later, Secretary Akhil and some others arrived at Shanthi Nilayam flat. A bedsheet was brought, and the body was covered. Jithin said that he did not even touch the dead body as there were no instructions from the police. Jithin stayed there until the police took further action.

It was the first time I had seen such a scene in my life. I felt very sad and scared.

- Jithin Kumar

Accused rape survivor; Parents not involved

Kochi City Police Commissioner S. Shyamsundar stated that the woman's parents were unaware that she was pregnant. The commissioner told the media that it was clear the parents were not involved in the crime.

The woman has confessed to the crime. The post-mortem will determine whether the baby was killed or stillborn. The woman testified that she was a victim of rape. This will be investigated as a separate case. Without her family's knowledge, she entered the bathroom, closed the door, and gave birth at five in the morning. Three hours later, at eight o'clock, the baby was thrown from the balcony of the flat onto the road.

It may have been thrown out after introspection following the birth. The commissioner said that the accused did not give a clear answer to the question of whether the baby was alive.

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