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Wednesday, 19 June 2024 7.29 PM IST

Organ trafficking in Thrissur: Agent on the run after turning off phone; police struggling to get statements from donors


THRISSUR: The chief agent of the district and some of the donors who led the organ trade in Mullassery have gone absconding after turning off their phones. Some have moved out of their rented houses. People in Mullassery Laksham Veed Colony, hospital and temple premises are the ones who switched off their phones. The police have collected information from some, but the records of the Ernakulam hospital where the surgery was performed will have to be checked to get evidence. It is alleged that the police are not ready for this due to the fear of the high-level connections of the organ mafia.

The police investigation has led nowhere. Of the six victims whose addresses were released, the statements of some were taken. Donors are of the position that their organ was given to their relatives. They are afraid that they will be accused in the case if they reveal details about the trade. The police believe that the agents may have threatened them not to reveal anything.

The police collected information from some people, including former panchayat president and Santhwanam Jeevakarunya Samithi president CA Babu, who had complained to the chief minister and health minister last November about the organ trade in Mullassery.

Started 30 years ago

It was revealed that the organ trade has been going on not only in the coastal area but also in other parts of the district. The poor who have taken loans from self-help groups etc. were the ones who got caught in the original trade scam. Five months ago, CA Babu had given the police the information of two people, including a woman who has been at the helm of the organ trade for three decades. However, the police closed the case saying there was no evidence.

Sabith lived in Valapad

Sabith Nasar, who was arrested for human trafficking to Iran, lived in Thrissur Valapad on rent for some time. It is reported that he is not a native of Thrissur. Sabith said that he has no connection with the organ trade in Mullassery. Then the question arises as to why he stayed in Valapad.

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