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Tuesday, 16 July 2024 8.38 AM IST

Devanarayan's Spider-Man costume and bag brings back memories as friends and family mourn his demise


HARIPAD: When school opens today, Devanarayan will not be there to go to Muttam Mullakkara LP School wearing his Spider-Man costume and bag. Haripad Kottakkakam native Deepu's eight-year-old son Devanarayanan, who died after being attacked by a stray dog, was a fan of Spider-Man. A bag with a picture of Spider-Man, a tiffin box and a water bottle had already been bought for Devanarayanan.

He used to emulate Spider-Man's bravery. A brave attempt to save his sister's classmate from a stray dog ​​cost him his own life. After Devanarayan fell into the drainage along with the dog, he died of rabies Devanarayan's absence from the school reopening ceremony today brings tears to his friends and locals.

Spiderman shirt his father bought

Devanarayan used to tell his father abroad that he wanted a Spiderman shirt. He promised to buy it when the school opens. As soon as he came to know about his son's illness, he left for the country and did not buy it. When he saw his son in the medical college hospital, he told him that he would buy him a Spiderman shirt when he gets better. Devanarayan was gone before that...

Yesterday the father bought a Spiderman shirt and two footballs. He will present it to Devanarayan on Thursday.

Jhingan to neighbours

Devanarayan was a football lover. He was also a big fan of former Kerala Blasters player Sandesh Jhingan. Devanarayan's nickname was also Jhingan. The stray dog ran to attack the girl while he was playing football. Devanarayan fell into the drain while trying to save the child.

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