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Tuesday, 16 July 2024 8.23 AM IST

'Suresh Gopi is the reason I received this ministerial post,' says George Kurian


NEW DELHI: In an interview with a news channel, George Kurian shared the unexpected turn of events that led to his appointment as Minister of State. Kurian revealed that he had initially come to Delhi to witness the swearing-in ceremony of the third Modi government, with no prior indication of his impending ministerial role.

He explained that he was advised to visit the residence of a senior BJP leader upon his arrival in Delhi. "Usually, on such occasions, this leader calls to inquire about the arrangements for leaders coming from Kerala. This time, I was told that my 45 years of service to the party were being recognized and that the party was considering me for a significant role. There was no direct mention of a ministerial position."

The confirmation came later when another leader contacted him, instructing him to visit the Prime Minister's residence. "It was there that I was officially informed about my appointment as a minister. I couldn't even inform my family about this development," he added.

George Kurian recounted the first leader's remarks, which highlighted his long-standing dedication to the party without ever making any demands. "The party appreciated my years of service as an ordinary worker. Later, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself who confirmed my ministerial role," Kurian said. He also mentioned his long association with Modi from his days as the All India Vice President of Yuva Morcha.

Addressing a question about internal divisions within the state BJP, Kurian firmly stated, "I was a disciple of O Rajagopal and closely associated with him from a young age. I have good relationships with all state leaders, including K Surendran. Therefore, I have never felt that there is a group system in the BJP, despite what newspapers and channels might suggest."

Kurian also mentioned a celebratory event at JP Nadda's house following the oath-taking ceremony. "I spoke with other leaders at Nadda's house and met the Prime Minister again after the ceremony. I did not contact any leaders until I went to the Prime Minister's house. I simply called a taxi and went there, and later visited V Muralidharan's house. I am giving this interview from his residence," Kurian said.

Expressing his gratitude to Union Minister of State Suresh Gopi, Kurian acknowledged his crucial role in securing the ministerial position. "Suresh Gopi is the reason I received this ministerial post. The decision to give ministerial positions to activists was influenced by Suresh Gopi's success in Kerala, which marked a significant achievement for the party. His contributions are being recognized on this occasion," said Kurian.

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