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Thursday, 25 July 2024 6.04 AM IST

Aardram scheme shelved: LSGD urges Health Department to provide staff


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Aardram scheme, which was initiated to provide proper treatment to patients in government hospitals, has been put to rest. The proud project of the first Pinarayi government was interrupted due to lack of sufficient number of doctors and other staff in the health centers. The reason is that the local self government department has withdrawn from appointing the required staff for the project.

The first thing done under the plan was to upgrade primary health centers to family health centers. For this, the number of employees including doctors has been increased. Working hours are from morning to evening. When the project started in 2017, in addition to the health department, the services of temporary doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians appointed by the LSGD were available from 9 am to 6 pm. Apart from daily treatment, medical camps for respiratory diseases, depression, lifestyle diseases etc. were also conducted here.

Three doctors, four staff nurses, a lab technician, a pharmacist, a nursing assistant and two grade 2 employees are required in family health centers under the Aardram scheme. In this, one doctor, two nurses and other employees have been assigned by the respective local bodies. However, the order issued by the local self government department on October 25 last year shattered this understanding.

It was suggested that only one doctor and one paramedical staff should be appointed in the family health centers. Paramedical staff can be employed by anyone, such as a nurse, pharmacist, or lab technician. The order also states that the health department is responsible for providing additional staff. The tenure of those appointed before this order expired in March and April. The appointment as per the new order is also not taking place. With this, such centers cannot function after noon. Existing employees are in crisis.

Loophole in new order

The new decision is that if the local bodies want to appoint staff for Aardram scheme, the coordination committee chaired by the local minister will decide. For this, the local bodies should apply to the Directorate of Health Department through DMO. The director of health department should inform about this in the monthly coordination committee. It has been alleged that the decision to be made on the grassroot level has been complicated to demolish the project.

683 Family Health Centres

886 primary health centers were targeted to be converted into family health centers

In 2017, 170 primary health centers were converted into family health centers

683 have become family health centers in a phased manner

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