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Thursday, 25 July 2024 7.21 AM IST

Priyanka Gandhi's candidacy in Wayanad; K Sudhakaran with response


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: KPCC president K Sudhakaran MP thanked Rahul Gandhi, who is vacating the Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency as per the AICC decision, and welcomed Priyanka Gandhi, who has been appointed by AICC to replace him, to Kerala.

The people of Wayanad, who helped Rahul win with a huge majority, will send Priyanka Gandhi also to the Lok Sabha with the same majority. Wayanad is going to get care and love from Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. From now on, two Gandhi voices will be raised for Kerala in Parliament.
We recall with gratitude the services rendered by Rahul Gandhi to the Congress in Kerala and the people of Wayanad. Congress and UDF were able to win brilliantly in the last two Lok Sabha elections because of the presence of Rahul Gandhi.
The people of Kerala loved and respected Rahul Gandhi beyond party politics. Rahul Gandhi has an emotional connection with the Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency. Rahul Gandhi has said that Wayanad is his family and repeated it on many occasions. People of Wayanad loved Rahul Gandhi like a member of their family. In the context of national politics, the Congress state leadership welcomes Rahul Gandhi's decision to vacate Wayanad constituency and retain Raebareli constituency as per the AICC leadership's suggestion, and the appointment of Priyanka Gandhi to continue the mission started by Rahul Gandhi.

Wayanad and Raebareli have always been equally dear to the Congress. This is the stage where national politics demands Rahul Gandhi's presence in North India. The merit of Rahul Gandhi's contest in Raebareli is clear if we look at the results of this election. Hence, we accept it painfully. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party were adamant that the difficult decision of vacating one of the two constituencies it had won by a large majority in the elections should not be a painful decision for his beloved people.

The decision of AICC to appoint Priyanka Gandhi to represent Wayanad in the Lok Sabha as the successor of Rahul Gandhi is a source of great joy and energy to all the Congress workers including me. It is a matter of pride for every Congress worker and Malayalee that Wayanad is the place where Priyanka Ji, the idol of India's iron lady Indira Gandhi, has chosen for her maiden contest.

Just as Rahul Gandhi was taken to heart, the people of Kerala and especially Wayanad are sure to accept Priyanka Gandhi too. The enlightened people of Wayanad are secular-democratic believers who have always stood firm with the UDF. In return for the faith and love shown by the Gandhi family and the AICC leadership to the people of Kerala and Wayanad, the people will make Priyanka Gandhi win with a large majority.

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