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Saturday, 20 July 2024 2.29 AM IST

Hospital superintendent demanded Rs 5000 for examination after surgery; minister orders investigation


HARIPAD: Minister Veena George directed the additional director of the health department to investigate the complaint lodged by a housewife against the Haripad taluk hospital superintendent. S. Beena, a native of Thrikkunnapuzha Valiyaparambu, made serious allegations against the doctor on social media and in an e-mail to the minister.

Beena's husband Animon was admitted to Haripad Taluk Hospital on the 17th due to an infection in his leg. It is stated in Beena's complaint that Beena paid Rs 2000 to Dr Sunil, the superintendent, for examination after the surgery, but the superintendent demanded Rs 5000. Although the patient's pain was excruciating, the wound was treated without painkillers. There is a complaint that the patient was discharged without further care and there was an assault by security staff when inquired about it. Shyam, a security guard, was taken into custody by the police following the complaint of the woman. The DMO informed that an investigation has been initiated into the incident.

From the complaint:

Superintendent Dr. Sunil was consulted on 14th due to an wound on the bottom of Animon's foot. They reached the OP at 9 am on the 17th and saw the doctor again as per his instructions. Animon was admitted around 10 am and told to wait in the dressing room. Even after 12 o'clock, the doctor did not come. The doctor came only when he was approached again. After cutting the wound, the doctor said that the operation would be performed on Wednesday.

As there was no space in the surgery ward, Animon took a room in the pay ward for five days. The operation was performed on the 19th around 1:30 pm. Then it was informed that the leg is in a bad condition and will tell if he should be shifted to the medical college after removing the bandage the next day. However, the doctor did not come the next day. After her husband screamed in pain, Beena met the doctor and told the matter. The doctor reached the pay ward after three o'clock, came to the door of the room, spoke to a nurse and left.

Beena paid Rs 2000 to the doctor after others said that this behaviour was due to non-payment of bribes. After the doctor did not come till noon on 21st still, Beena's sister asked the doctor for information. To which he replied, "I am not free now. I will come and see in the morning,". When she asked "Is this how a doctor should talk?" the doctor said, "Take him anywhere you want. We can discharge him."

The doctor demanded Rs.5000 after that but she could not pay because there was no money. It was during this time that the discharge information was given. When inquired about the matter, a security guard came and shouted obscenities and assaulted her.

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