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Saturday, 20 July 2024 4.10 AM IST

Mohanlal holding close Elikutty who always wanted to meet him


THODUPUZHA: Eli only wanted to catch a glimpse of her favorite actor Mohanlal when she came to know that a shooting was going on near her house. However, the 93-year-old did not think that the superstar would hug her and spread his love. Elikutty, a native of Thodupuzha Kumaramangalam, is thrilled about it.

Two months ago, Mohanlal had almost visited Elikutty's house during the shooting of the film directed by Tarun Murthy where he is pairing up with Shobhana. Elikutty went on the set that day. After the shoot, when he came in the character getup, Elikutty was suspicious, 'Is this Mohanlal..?' The actor heard this and said, 'Yes, I am Mohanlal, want to come with me?"

The shoot happened again at the same place. After the shoot, while walking towards the vehicle, Lal had a casual talk with Elikutty while holding her close. In a video posted on social media, Mohanlal said that Amma, who invited him home, told him that she would make duck curry for him. Mohanlal said goodbye to Elikutty reminding her that he would see her again.

When Aashirvad Theater started in Thodupuzha, Elikutty went to see a movie expecting Mohanlal to be in the theatre. After Mohanlal, Elikutty's favourite is Tamil actor Vijay. Elikutty lives with her husband John, daughter Alice and grandson Appu.

Every day on set

Elikutty said that after meeting Mohanlal, she used to go to the sets every day. When she went on the second day, he gave her tea. "When I asked him if he would eat whatever I gave him, Lal replied that he would eat whatever I gave him. I told him that I would give him duck curry and eggs if he came home." One day Mohanlal said, 'You should come to the kitchen and serve me rice', but she couldn't go. Elikutty is sad about it.


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