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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 4.01 AM IST

Story behind 13 holes: Why Crocs shoes are a timeless trend


Crocs are one of the most trendy sandals among the youth in recent times. Although there are many others on the market, nothing else can match the comfort of walking out in Crocs. Crocs are unique because they can be used for two to three years once purchased. Initially released only for a specific segment, this shoe quickly found a niche in the market. Released in 2002, the Crocs shoe also has something special about the company. Let's check what it is...

Crocs sandals were mainly made for those who travel by boat and water as it is slip resistant. Another feature is that it can be used both in water and land. This led to the name Crocs. Crocs is derived from the name crocodile (crocodile), which lives in both water and land.

The design of Crocs was such that no one liked it at first sight. But that design is the success of Crocs. A key advertising phrase they used to market in the first phase was 'ugly can be beautiful'. As this caption became a hit, the company's reputation was evident in the market. All the sandals launched in the first phase were sold out.

But after the shoe became a hit, the main question on everyone's mind was why Crocs shoes have 13 holes. A pair of shoes has a total of 26 holes. What is the reason behind this?

Crocs was launched as a lightweight, comfortable and slip-resistant shoe. The company insisted that it should be designed in such a way that it floats if it falls into water. Therefore, those who travel by boat will find this shoe useful for recovery if lost in the water. The holes in the shoe are provided for ventilation. It retains freshness and releases moisture. Thirteen holes allow air to circulate around the foot and allow sweat to evaporate.

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