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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 3.53 AM IST

IAS officer who used siren on car, claims visually and mentally impaired


NEW DELHI: It is stated that the young IAS officer transferred for abuse of power had claimed mental disability in the affidavit submitted to the UPSC. Pooja Khedkar, assistant collector, Pune, has pointed out in the documents that she is visually and mentally impaired, to avail selection process concessions. Pooja refused to undergo the mandatory medical examination to confirm her disabilities.

Pooja was transferred to Washim after being found guilty of installing a government board on a private luxury car, illegally installing a beacon light and using the additional collector's chamber. The assistant collector traveling in a private car fitted with a beacon light had stoked a controversy. She is a 2023 batch IAS officer.

It is alleged that she availed many facilities not provided by the government during the probation period. She installed a board 'Govt of Maharashtra’ on her private Audi car and installed a red and blue beacon light on top of her car. Apart from this, there is an investigation against Pooja for using the chamber of additional collector Ajay More.
Pooja was found using Ajay More's chamber when he was away. She then shifted the office furniture without the permission of the additional collector and demanded an official car with VIP number plate, accommodation, official chamber with adequate staff, a constable and a visiting card.

She was transferred to Wshim after Pune Collector Suhas Divase complained to the chief secretary. The transfer order was issued after this. Meanwhile, there are reports that her father, a retired IAS officer budged pressure on the collector’s office to fulfil her demands.

Fake certificate
Meanwhile, allegations of fake certificate were also raised against Pooja. It is alleged that she submitted fake medical and caste certificates to enter service. She wrote the exam stating that she is visually impaired and in the OBC category. It is reported that after the selection, she was called for medical examination, but she failed to appear citing various reasons.

She was directed to appear at Delhi AIIMS with the certificates for an examination. However, she skipped this due to Covid 19. She was later asked to appear for an examination, she skipped all that for various reasons. She later produced a fake medial verification report from a private hospital.

The UPSC recruiting officers for civil services, had challenged her selection. Meanwhile, she managed to have her civil service appointment confirmed.

It is reported that Pooja, who wrote the exam in the OBC category, committed more irregularities. Her father's annual income limit is Rs 8 lakhs. However, Pooja's father Dilip Khedkar is a retired senior officer from Maharashtra government service. Controversy also arose when Pooja Khedkar was posted in Pune when the new IAS officers were not initially posted in their own district.

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