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Sunday, 05 July 2020 3.18 PM IST

"Dear Kerala, learn from Lombardy": Words of Malayali nurses who witness hundreds of deaths every day in Italy


KOLLAM: "Don't be like Lombardy, those who gathered outside is now inside hospitals in groups. Even ventilators and oxygen cylinders are like treasure"-words of nurses working in the Italian city of Lombardy where COVID-19 has made a severe impact. Hospitals with 240 beds are now filled with 2400 patients. There are people everywhere-in lobby, verandah, ICU wards and operation theatres.

Even while talking over mobile phones, nurses are doing their duty. There is a significant shortage in the supply of ventilators and oxygen cylinders. There are patients admitted for other disease situations, which cannot be treated.

The doctors and nurses have to pick patients to treat based on their age, that's how pathetic the situation is. Wealth and social status are not criteria. Patients are piled inside hospitals.

"We have protective gear. But if the people had listened to the government, the cases wouldn't have increased this much. Just like here, Kerala is a small state. Everyone should follow government guidelines", Malayali nurses say while bursting into tears.

Lombardy is a small province in Italy like our Kerala. A densely populated place. It is one of the nine world heritage centers of UNESCO and is known as the cultural city of Italy. After the coronavirus outbreak, Lombardy collapsed despite having advanced medical care. Several hundreds of people fall to their death here on a daily basis. The province recorded most COVID-19 deaths in Italy.

Words of Malayali nurses in Lombardy:

"Government's secret instruction is to not treat patients over 80-that's 20 percent of the patients. When you shift the ventilator from an old person to a younger person, the older person dies within 30 minutes. How can we stand it? We know it's a grave sin, but there is no other way",

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