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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 1.12 PM IST

Israel-Middle East agreement deploying peace


It is a great sigh of relief to have a new agreement of diplomacy among Israel, the UAE and Bahrain. As the countries warring with one another for historical and religious reasons opt for peace and harmony, there is to be a great fillip to peace keeping in the area. Moreover, this will be a shot in the arm for domestic and international development. In turn, this will benefit the expats as well.

Israel, a next door neighbour to the Arab countries, has a totally different ethnicity and lifestyle and creed. Their history is more of surviving than living. However, sweet are the uses of adversity and so, in their struggle to survive, they excelled in technology and skill through perseverance. Even geographically, they are in perpetual siege. Now, some of the wise diplomats in the neighbouring countries have surmised finally that it makes no sense to have a standoffish attitude based on bygones. This is going to herald much progress in the area.

First Egypt, Jordan and the UAE entered into an agreement of peace with Israel and Bahrain followed suit.

The world diplomats are of the opinion this historical move will surely help the stability and prosperity in the area which had earned the nickname Muddle East. The US President Donald Trump called the agreement among Israel, the UAE and Bahrain a historic turning point. And it was the US which solemnised the big day’s ceremonies.

There never has been a war between the UAE and Israel. The same relation exists between Bahrain and Israel. With the new diplomatic relations, these countries have ratified the stature of Israel as an independent country. This will allow diffusion of citizens across their borders. Air travel facility is all set. The Abu Dhabi has started its diplomatic mission to the Israel Renewable Energy Agency. The Abu Dhabi Film Commission and the Israel Film Fund have come together to organize programs aimed at strengthening tolerance, upgrading education, enhancing development and building cooperation among the citizens in both countries.


The Emirates students will be able to seek admission in three important campuses in Jerusalem. When cultural conglomeration happens, when cultural compounding happens the insubstantial prejudices will dissolve to open the flood gates of progress. When statesmen see this in action, a new world order will evolve.

As the UAE and Israel signed the mutual agreement at the White House on September 15, 2020, the endless possibilities of cooperation are materialising on war footing. The State Heads for the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, in their joint statement said that this is a historical advancement towards ensuring more peace in West Asia and that it will improve the stability, security, and prosperity in the area. The main reason for the disharmony that plagues the area is the contention between Israel and Palestine. The good news that attempts to effect an accord between these countries too gives more to look forward to. Israel in the joint agreement has consented to allow all Muslims to visit the Al Aqsa Mosque for prayer as well as leave open all the pilgrimage places for the peaceful worshipers from all religions.

Since the world has shrunk to a global village, to hold on fast to traditions and creeds is to be a turkey to say the least. When petroleum cash flow dries up, the financial security of most of the Middle East countries will go for a toss. The UAE-Israel-Bahrain Agreement is a loud and clear message that the way to prosperity is not through segregation but through integration.

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