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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 10.30 AM IST

'Saura' project to start in January: Electricity from 2000 rooftops


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The 'Saura' -rooftop solar energy project, which aims to generate solar energy at low cost, will start generating electricity on about 2,000 roofs in January. The scheme will make huge profits on the electricity bills of household consumers.

The scheme, announced by the state government two years ago and implemented with central assistance, has 43,000 beneficiaries expecting electricity from their own roofs. 2, 62, 000 people registered for the project. Their homes were inspected and 43,000 people were selected. 8500 people are newly registered. With the sanction of another 200 MW project by the Central Government, solar panels can be installed on one lakh roofs. One kilowatt plant on the roof requires 100 square feet of space.

Three agencies

* The project is being implemented through the agencies Refox, Contas and Hive. Beneficiaries can choose the agencies.

* 25 years maintenance free for models under KSEB plan. 5 years for model under central scheme

* 480 units if two kW plant is installed and 720 units of electricity can be generated in 380 kW plant in two months.

Saura subsidy

Model 1A-

* For those with monthly consumption up to 120 units

* Charges 12% of the cost of the plant

* 25% of available power generation

To be paid

* Rs 10, 320 per two kilowatts

* Three kilowatts -15, 120

Model 1B-

* For those with a monthly consumption of up to 150 units

* 20% of the cost of the plant

* 40% of available power generation

To be paid

* For two kilowatts - Rs.17,200

* Three kilowatts -25, 200

Model 1C-

* For those with a monthly consumption of up to 200 units

* 25% of the cost of the plant

* 50% of available power generation

To be paid

* For two kilowatts - Rs. 21,500

* Rs.31,500 for three kilowatts

Model 2

* Subsidy up to 3 KW 40%. 20% above that.

* Customer has to pay Rs 51,599 to set up a two kilowatt plant.

* Rs 75,000 for three kilowatts. 1,06,340 for four. 3,02,660 per ten kilowatts.

* Excess power can be sold to KSEB.

To register

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