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Thursday, 06 May 2021 7.15 PM IST

Everyone should take two doses of vaccine, even minor complications should be reported, avoid spreading misconceptions: Health Minister Shailaja


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Speaking after inaugurating a workshop on 'Vaccine Can Be Safe' organized by the Health Department, health minister KK Shailaja Teacher said those who took the first dose of Covid vaccine should definitely take the next dose. The vaccine is effective only after vaccinating twice at regular intervals. The second vaccine should be given within 4 to 6 weeks. Even minor complications after taking the first dose should be reported. The time to get a second vaccine was also extended to understand those problems. Do not spread misconceptions about the vaccine. There is nothing to fear, she added.

Such a seminar was organized to share the concerns and opinions of the people. Vaccination is carried out as per the guidelines of the Central Government. Artificial immunity can only be achieved through vaccination. As part of the massive defensive operations carried out by Kerala, many people were able to avoid the Covid. Our goal is to get the vaccine fully into these people, the minister said.

The vaccine is first given to health workers. They will receive the correct message to attend the vaccination. In the second phase, the vaccine is given to the frontline workers. The desire is to vaccinate as many people as possible. Everyone should wear a mask, keep a social distance and wash their hands from time to time. We can only live freely if everyone gets vaccinated and get rid of Covid, Shailaja said.

Kerala has been engaged in Covid defense work for a year. Due to the excellent resistance of Kerala, the spread of the virus and the death rate has been reduced. I appreciate the health workers working at the forefront of Covid defense. Great work is being done under the leadership of the Chief Minister. Vaccination will be the responsibility of the respective ministers in the districts. Seeking the support of all for the successful implementation of the vaccination drive, the health minister added.

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