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Friday, 24 September 2021 2.03 AM IST

Why server in government facilities malfunctions


Software and server crashes have often disrupted treasuries, ration shops and government offices where people mostly deal with. As always, ordinary people are the ones who suffer the most. It is also a disgrace to the state, which has a prominent position in the country in the field of IT. But no matter whatever is said, there is no permanent solution to the problem. And it is getting worse and worse.

Treasury operations were also disrupted on Thursday due to software glitches. This was the same case for several days this month. Because computers are interconnected, it is also at once place that they develops glitches. It will affect the entire treasury. The legs of those who are waiting in the queue will ‘paralyze’ until the faults are resolved immediately. Many will have to return home without being able to make a transaction. No one bothers because all this is routine affair.

The condition of the ration shops is worse than that of the treasuries. Cardholders go to the shops praying from deep inside. Their prayer that may the server may crash often goes unheeded. It is not possible to predict when a server crash will occur. Failure to do so will result in non-distribution of rations. You have to wait or come later and buy rations. There are many people to tell the story of the failure of the kit distribution along with the grain distribution.

The situation in some government offices, where online transactions have become universal, is even worse. Especially revenue offices. Those who have to go to the village-taluk offices, on which most people depend, know the depth of the technical barriers. It has been announced that more than 15 services will be available online at the Village Offices. People were relieved to see that various certificates, tax payments and transit services were available without any delay. But often the experience is frustrating. Services are down due to technical glitches. Things only happen when you go up and down for several days like in the past.

The fact that the state, which has a significant position in IT services and software exports, still lags behind in providing easy access to government services online is a huge setback. There are plenty of individuals and companies here who have the expertise to sort out the technical issues in the IT sector. Obstacles can be easily resolved by availing their services. Server problems have been around since the adoption of new technologies for ration distribution. It is not clear whether it is incompetence or indifference that has not been fully resolved for more than two years. According to government figures, there are a total of 88 lakh cardholders. Providing them with uninterrupted ration service is not a big deal in these days. While the country's banks can easily handle the transactions of billions of people, one has to wonder why they do not have the technology to dispense rations to only 88 lakh cardholders. SBI, the country's largest bank, handles over 50 crore transactions every day.

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