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Friday, 30 September 2022 12.17 PM IST

KSRTC's assets need audit: High Court


KOCHI: The High Court has said that the government should audit the assets of KSRTC, including those buildings constructed and provided by KTDFC. Justice Devan Ramachandran gave the directions on the petitions filed by employee R Baji and others against the delay in salary.

The petitioners alleged that the buildings constructed on the BOT model have become a liability to the KSRTC and that many such buildings were substandard. Following this, the court directed an audit to find out the issue. The court recorded the KSRTC's statement that the salary for July salary would be paid on August 10 if it received assistance from the government. Liabilities should be managed to bring the firm to at least breakeven. The High Court pointed out that the government's affidavit does not say how this is done. The government explained that it will decide on the matter within a month.

HC criticises unions

The government has stated in the affidavit that the strike of the unions is adversely affecting the KSRTC. It alleged that the employees were not cooperating to implement reforms. The government also stated that it will not provide more assistance if the employees do not cooperate to reduce the losses. The High Court criticized the action of the unions.

"If reforms are viewed with scepticism, unions should take over management. Employees should not work just for the salary. The Giri Gopinathan-Thara couple working at KSRTC is a role model. They work on Alappuzha - Karunagappally route from Haripad depot. After reaching the depot around 2 pm, they clean the bus and start the first trip at 5:30 in the morning. People like them who decorate the bus and keep it clean are role models," the court said. KSRTC stated that it is not able to run 700 buses due to problems caused by the employees. The High Court said that it must be ensured that all buses eligible for service are running.

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