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Friday, 23 February 2024 2.46 AM IST

Malayalam's dear Madhu turns 89; has no desire to act in movies now, says veteran actor


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Malayalam's own Madhu aka Madhavan Nair, who has a special place in the minds of the Malayali audience, turns 89 on Friday. Although he'll turn 89 on Friday as per the English calendar, the veteran actor considers Vishakha Nakshatra in the Malayalam month of Kanni as his birthday. There will be no other celebrations on Friday except that a payasam will be made. Many people, including CPM state secretary MV Govindan, came to his house on Thursday and extended birthday wishes.

Speaking to Kerala Kaumudi, the legendary actor said that he will act in films only if he gets a character that satisfies his heart. "Nowadays, fathers and mothers have no chance in Malayalam cinema. I don't want to do a character just for namesake. I don't have the desire to act anymore," he said.

Madhu, who made his acting debut in 1963, has acted in over 400 films and directed 12 films. He has also produced 15 films.

Madhu spends his time by watching old films and reading books until dawn. It was three o'clock in the morning when he slept last night. He'll get up at eleven o'clock in the day after sleeping exactly eight hours. He practices Yoga every day. He does not follow a particular diet. He has been at home for three years since the Covid pandemic broke out.

When asked about his opinion on new Malayalam films, the veteran actor says, "The background music in today's movies is so loud that the dialogues cannot be heard. As a result, I'll turn off the television within twenty minutes. It seems that background music has become foreground music." He said that he feels happy when he thinks of all the jokes with his co-actors. He added that he feels sad to remember that most of them are not alive now.

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