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Saturday, 04 February 2023 11.54 AM IST

Vizhinjam violence; a result of appeasement politics


Any protest that has the potential to get violent can be faced with only a strong police force determined to face force with force. Is the police force unaware of this basic rule of law and order? Or are they pretending to be ignorant of this fact? However, their inaction led to a terror situation at Vizhinjam in the name of protests.

When one hears of protesters vandalizing a police station, injuring three dozen police officers, wrecking jeeps and vans parked in the police station, it feels like the incident occurred in some forest area of Jharkhand. This is not just the failure of the law and order. The belief of the people that their security will be guaranteed by the state police has been shattered. The police itself are not safe. Then how can they guarantee the safety of the people.

The protesters even blocked the ambulances that tried to take the injured officers to the hospital. The forced restrain forced upon the police force made them onlookers while the criminal behavior of the protesters were on full show.

A protest like this becomes violent because of the criminal nature of some of the protesters. Their criminal nature does not understand the language of rationality or peace. They have reached a point that they can only understand the language of fear.

It is foolish to think that by restraint we can tackle terrorist activities. It is only a dream to think that criminals can be calmed by standing idle. The criminals only know the language of fear. Even the leader of the brutal terrorist organization ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was surrounded by US Commandoes, he ran into a cave crying not to kill him.

If it was not known that the protesters included those with criminal character, then it is the failure of the intelligence wing. Why is there an intelligence wing? It is not a secret that a foreign country promised a ‘huge’ amount to protesters to thwart the Vizhinjam project.

No intelligence service is needed to understand that once a ‘huge’ amount is received, a huge service must be rendered. The inaction might be deliberate even after knowing that the protesters include criminal elements.

Appeasement politics goes together with power hunger. This might be the reason that police officers had to receive thrashing. When appeasement politics affect the ruling and opposition parties then it becomes a curse to the people.

The Vizhinjam Port can be a source of employment to thousands of unemployed people in the state. It is capable to bring in revenues to a state, that is sinking in financial turmoil. There was no qualms from some leaders to support the outrageous demand of Vizhinjam protesters that Vizhinjam project must be rolled back, when 80% of the work has been completed. This support is because of appeasement politics.

Political leaders get angry when they are told to abandon power for the sake of development and good future. However, no one is asking for that much sacrifice. At least some wisdom must be shown. If criminals continue with their activities in the name of Vizhinjam protests, the result might be communal riots. This must be realized by those sane political leaders.

Appeasement politics have the power to destroy a country. To understand this, it is better to have a look at the history of our country.

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