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Monday, 27 March 2023 10.09 PM IST

Watch! Wonder dog joins Sivagiri foot pilgrimage from Alappuzha, walks more than 70 km! VIDEO

It was not that he was invited to join the Sivagiri pilgrimage. But he decided to join a group of hundreds of yellow dress clad Srinaraya Guru devotees from Alappuzha and walked kilometres and kilometres with them as any other person in the group did. Whom we are talking about is not any human being but a humble and obedient stray dog, which has now become the dear wonder dog of devotees.

On December 26, the group of about 300 pilgrims from SNDP yogam 442 Mambuzhakkari branch in Alappuzha started off the padayatra or journey by foot. This yatra was flagged off by SNDP yogam general secretary Vellapally Natesan. The group had reached Kalangara in Alappuzha after travelling 7 km and it was then this stray dog joined them.
He never left the group of pilgrims after that.
Braving hot sun and morning fog, he accompanied them throughout their journey. He took rest when the travellers took rest and ate when they ate. He took only whatever vegetarian food that was given to him. Notably, he did not take any non-vegetarian food. When someone tried to give him fish curry, he just sniffed it and moved away.

When the chariot and the pilgrims stopped to rest he also stopped and when they moved forward he also moved forward with them without barking at anyone or anything even once.
The pilgrims who joined the group from Kuttanad Mambuzhakkari named the meek dog Jibru.
But unfortunately Jibru met with a minor accident when a KSRTC bus rubbed against him at Karunagapally on Thursday. And immediately pilgrim group captain Santhosh Shanti took the initiative to take him to district veterinary hospital and gave him a good treatment. Luckily his leg had no fracture and the doctors bandaged his leg as it had swelling and pain sensation. Anti-rabies vaccination was also given as part of safety measures.
From Kuttanad to Kollam, Jibru walked 70 km with the group over three days. Friday morning the pilgrims continued their journey to Sivagiri. Jibru is also following them.
Whenever prayer is chanted through mic, Jibru comes and stand by our side as if he is concentrating on the prayers, said a woman pilgrim.
“We arenot going to abandon him and go. We will take him back along with us after the pilgrimage and we will adopt him and take care of him,” added Santhosh Shanthi.


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