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Saturday, 10 June 2023 8.52 AM IST

Police, with help from Kollam locals, nab Sajeevan who resisted arrest for two days by way of threats, machete and dogs


KOLLAM: With the help of locals, the police have arrested Sajeevan, who was a headache for the people in Chithara for the last two days. Sajeevan had become an embarrassment to the prowess of the police force by resisting arrest after letting his dogs on the loose. He locked himself and his mother inside the house after threatening a woman in Kizhakkumbhagam with a machete. The police could not enter as his pet dogs were let loose.

Sajeevan threatened to kill his own mother with a machete if the police entered the house. He raised the threat when the police entered the house with the help of dog trainers. The fire force team was also with the police. After locking the house, Sajeevan stayed inside the house with his mother. As the mother also supported Sajeevan, the police and locals found it increasingly difficult to resolve the issue.

People including Sajeevan's friends tried to persuade him, but he was not ready to give in. He claims that many people have taken away his properties.

Last day, Sajeevan broke into the house of a woman named Suprabha in Kizhakkumbhagam with a machete and his pet dog. The incident happened around 10 am. Sajeev came home with his Rottweiler dog and shouted at Suprabha to get out. Then Suprabha got scared and ran inside the house. Sajeevan claims that Suprabha lives in the property bought by her father. Hearing the commotion, the locals came and tried to persuade him, but he did not relent. Then the police came and turned Sajeevan away.

The police have registered a case against him for breaking into the house and for possessing a weapon. The police asked Sajeevan to come to the station, but he went to his own house, after letting the dogs loose, he locked the gate and went inside the house. The police came to his house and tried to arrest him but failed. Even though the police came yesterday morning, the gate was locked with Sajeevan still inside the house and his dogs outside. Then the police sought the help of the dog catchers.

Locals alleged that it was the fault of the police that the accused was not arrested at Suprabha's house. They say that he has caused similar problems before.

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