Govt’s stand is contrary to ideas of Left Front, VS warns CM


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Government’s stand giving police magisterial powers is against the ideas of the Left Front, said administrative reforms commission chief V S Achuthanandan. People will lose confidence if flaws are seen in the ideas. The government as well as the chief minister should be vigilant, letter to the chief minister mentioned.

A serious re-consideration is needed on giving magisterial power to the police, government’s intervention in the cartoon award announced by Lalithakal Academy and serious scrutiny is needed in the case of land encroachments in Kunnathunadu.

The actions that can be interpreted as deviating from the Left's position will lead to public disbelief. Freedom of expression is also implicated in human rights violations. The Left's stance is clear when it comes to land filling. He said the errors in such matters would lose the confidence of the people. The move to make mandatory aadhar for land registration should be shelved, VS requested revenue minister.