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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 2.11 PM IST

Brahmapuram biomining: Eight companies in tender; Zonta out


KOCHI: Eight companies in the new prebid tender called by Kochi Corporation for bio-mining at the Brahmapuram waste plant. Taking a lesson from the Brahmapuram plant fire that embarrassed Kerala, the corporation canceled the contract with Zonta Infratech and called a new tender. Two agencies will be chosen. Biomining will be handed over to new companies by August 31.

Biomining is the process of scientifically treating waste that has accumulated over the years. The agreement with Zonta was to start mining in October 2022 and be completed within a year. It was concluded that the presence of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), a residue of biomining, was what contributed to the severe fire. It was being stored there in breach of contract to be used in a waste-to-energy plant. Zonta also had the plant construction contract.

7 lakh cubic meters of waste

In 2021, there were more than five lakh cubic meters of waste in Brahmapuram. The deal with Zonta was for Rs 55 crore to process it. They have completed only 25 percent of the work and were paid Rs 11 crore as compensation.

In a drone survey conducted by the corporation with Kozhikode NIT ahead of the new tender, it was found that Brahmapuram has 7 lakh cubic meters of waste. 80,000 tonnes of RDF is also left. 53 crores given by the government for bio-mining is with the corporation. The government has also expressed willingness to allocate more funds if required.

Payment according to job

Last time, the area for bio-mining was divided into eight sectors and remuneration was paid according to the completion of work in each sector. This time the wages will be paid as soon as the work is completed. The waste will be divided into two zones and the contract will be awarded to two companies.

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