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Wednesday, 17 April 2024 9.09 AM IST

University examinations to undergo significant changes from next academic year, burden on students will be eased


THIRUVANNATHAPURAM: The university examinations will change drastically from the coming academic year to ease the examination burden of the students.

The written test will be of maximum 2 hours. One hour exam for general papers including foundation courses. There will also be a multiple choice test of one and a half hours in which you have to choose the correct answer from four options.

Internal marks will be increased from 20 to 30 percent. The valuation method will also change. University rules will be amended to implement these changes, including four-year degrees. 20% of all papers are prepared by the teacher teaching the syllabus. This can include current events, inventions and awards. The limitation of revising the syllabus once in three years can be avoided. The evaluation of the lessons is also for the college teachers.

The evaluation of first, third, fifth and seventh semester examinations will be conducted in the colleges. 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters in varsity camps. 8th semester is online course and internship. The question paper is prepared by the universities. The centralized assessment camp, after closing colleges for three weeks, will also be done away with. The answer sheets can be evaluated by teachers at home or during free time in the college. Marks can be entered by teachers in special software.Declaration of result will be faster. 90 days of study will be ensured in the semester. University will check 20% answer sheets to prevent irregularity in college evaluation.

Examination according to the nature of the paper

Exam pattern and duration will vary according to the nature of the syllabus and each paper

Quiz, interview, discussion, lecture and computer test can be substituted for the current assignment and seminar.

Lab test, assignment, case study, literature survey, personal project along with written test

Faster results

The result will be issued within 30 days of the examination and the provisional certificate within 15 days. Graduation certificate will be received within 30 days. The evaluation of the doctoral thesis will also be expedited. An amendment to this effect will follow.

13,64,536 students are pursuing higher education in Kerala.

43.2%-Enrollment in higher education in Kerala. This is 27.3% in the country

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